Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree - How To Find & Beat Midra, Lord of Frenzied Flame (Boss Guide) (2024)

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One of the most hidden boss fights you can find in Elden Ring's Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC is Midra, Lord of Frenzied Flame, whose chaotic fire makes them very difficult to beat. To attack your character, this boss uses physical attacks and huge Area of Effect (AoE) magic. As a result, their patterns can be hard to predict as you try to overcome the inferno of Midra's madness.

The Lord of Frenzied Flame is more challenging than other DLC bosses, such as the Divine Beast Dancing Lion in Elden Ring. It is recommended that you try and collect a few Scadutree Fragments in the Land of Shadow to help raise your character's defenses against the enemies in Shadow Of The Erdtree. The more Scadutree Blessings you have active, the easier the fight against Midra will be later on.


How Many Scadutree Blessing Levels Are In Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree offers players a brand new buff called the Scadutree Blessing which can be leveled up to give them some major perks.

Where To Find Midra, Lord Of Frenzied Flame

Travel Deep Within The Abyssal Woods

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree - How To Find & Beat Midra, Lord of Frenzied Flame (Boss Guide) (2)

Midra, Lord of Frenzied Flame, can be found at Midra's Manse within the larger Abyssal Woods area in Shadow Of The Erdtree. This dungeon is an optional region you can explore once you go down from the Shadow Keep past a painting hiding a secret passage in the fortress' lower levels. You need to get inside a coffin to transport your character from the Keep to the lower parts of Scadu Altus that lead to the Woods.

You do not need to beat other bosses in the Shadow Keep, like Messmer The Impaler in Elden Ring, to unlock the path necessary to reach the Abyssal Woods and Midra's Manse.

Reaching Midra's Manse is only the start of your efforts to find the Lord of Frenzied Flame though, as you have to find secret passages hidden by paintings once again in the dungeon. Enemies will be running throughout this area, so be careful while you try to find the Manse HallSite of Grace. From here, head left until you find a bright gold painting you can attack to reveal a secret tunnel within the location.

This should lead you to a ruined library you can travel through until you reach the Midra's Library Site of Gracethe, which features a new painting of the characters Midra and Nanaya. Go ahead and strike the painting to reveal a path with a ladder leading to a lever. Pull the lever, then drop into the main library and go left again to see a new area opened up from where a few bookshelves have been parted aside.

Continue traveling down this path until you find the Second Floor Chamber Site of Grace past several rooms with basic enemies. These foes tend to use long-range attacks, making them easy to run past if your character has enough Stamina. You will hear Midra screaming close to the Grace Site as he attacks you the moment you enter the space he is in.

How To Prepare For Fighting Midra, Lord Of Frenzied Flame

Grab Madness And Fire Resistant Gear

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree - How To Find & Beat Midra, Lord of Frenzied Flame (Boss Guide) (3)

Some of the best strategies for preparing to fight Midra are to bring gear that protects you against the Madness status condition and Fire damage. Many of the Lord of Frenzied Flame's attacks cause a slight Madness build-up, which eventually stuns your character when filled completely. This gives Midra a way to attack you without any counter and deal enough damage to kill you almost instantly with strong moves.

Some character builds naturally resist the Madness condition by having a high Focus stat raised by specific armor pieces, spells cast, or Talismans in Elden Ring's DLC. You should consider wearing something that increases your Focus, such as the Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree - How To Find & Beat Midra, Lord of Frenzied Flame (Boss Guide) (4)Mottled Necklace or Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree - How To Find & Beat Midra, Lord of Frenzied Flame (Boss Guide) (5)Clarifying Horn Charm . Certain magic that cures status ailments could also come in handy to reduce or eliminate Madness build-up during the fight.

You may want to have Talismans to resist fire damage dealt by Midra in addition to the protection against Madness, so make sure you increase your character's total number of Talisman slots when you can.

Midra has weaknesses to Frost, Bleed, and Poise damage, so you can use weapons with cold properties to quickly stack damage against the boss. Something like the Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree - How To Find & Beat Midra, Lord of Frenzied Flame (Boss Guide) (6)Zamor Curved Sword weapon could inflict Frostbite fast, allowing you to take off chunks of Midra's health. Depending on how many Smithing Stones you have, you should upgrade or imbue strong weapons before heading into this battle.


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Another way to make this fight easier is to summon a Spirit Ash to help your character out. There are no NPC summons available for this boss fight, so you will be alone fighting the Lord of Frenzied Flame every time unless you call upon an ashen ally. Turning Midra's battle into a 2v1 will also distract the boss, giving you more windows to attack in between the Lord of Frenzied Flame's various attacks.

How To Defeat Midra, Lord Of Frenzied Flame

Dodge Explosions Of Fiery Magic

The first "phase" of this fight starts when you are attacked by Midra, a small enemy with only one attack crawling across the floor to strike you. Midra only has a scream that rapidly builds Madness in this part of the fight you can avoid by staying away from the boss. Once you take down Midra's health to nothing, a custscene will play where Midra becomes the Lord of Frenzied Flame for the real battle in Elden Ring.

Midra's actual fight sees the new Lord of Frenzied Flame use huge AoE explosions of fire magic and long-reaching slashes of their golden sword. You need to get close to Midra after avoiding their spells to close the distance and strike fast. After quickly attacking, you then should move away after a few hits to get out of range of Midra's AoE moves and physical strikes they'll attempt often.

As you can see in the above video by YouTube creator Fextralife, Midra leaves trails of fire on many attacks to make up for the boss' weaker defenses. Think of Midra as a glass cannon capable of dealing massive damage but crumpling to any sort of retaliation. Those who carefully time their dodges can avoid the flames and sword slashes to inflict heavy damage within the small timeframe available Midra's movements.

Midra, Lord of Frenzied Flame Move List



How To Counter

Barbed Sword Combos

Midra will always have several combo attacks they can unleash at short to mid-range using their sword, ranging from two to three swings, slashes, or thrusts.

Watch carefully for how each combo starts, as this reveals which one Midra is about to use. Dodge each strike to the left or right, then attack the boss as a combo ends.

Frenzied Flames

At the start of the true fight, Midra fires two volleys of small Frenzied Flame spells toward your character, which burn on the ground for a short time.

Dodge forward past each volley right as they are cast.

Spinning Chaos

Midra will lift his sword up before spinning around, slashing anyone who gets too close.

The tracking and delay on this can be awkward, but all you need to do is dodge at the right time.



How To Counter

Plunging Fire

After rising into the air, Midra plunges down in a stabbing grab attack to impale your character. This attack is followed up by an AoE explosion of thorns that burst from the ground.

Dodge to one side to avoid the initial strike, then dodge toward Midra to not take damage from the follow-up AoE.

Frenzied Flame Eruption (Small)

Midra makes a copy of his head as a Frenzied Flame fireball, which slowly drops to the floor before exploding in a small AoE.

Run away as you see the fireball parting from Midra's head to avoid the explosion.

Frenzied Flame Eruption (Large)

When Midra gets to around 25% health, he will fly into the air glowing like a sun before descending, causing a huge AoE explosion that covers the whole arena.

The only way to dodge this is to use the first few frames of invulnerability on a roll right as the explosion begins on the ground. This move's timing depends on where you are in the arena.

Midra may not be one of the toughest bosses in Shadow Of The Erdtree, but he can still wipe out unsuspecting Tarnished who act impatient throughout this fight. Do not try to trade damage with Midra, as the Lord of Frenzied Flame will always deal more damage than you during those interactions. Lighter Armor that lets you move around faster is typically better against Midra, whose attacks are slower and have a lot of delay.

Taking down the fiery master of chaos magic will reward you with 410,000 Runes to help your character level up and strong stronger for the rest of the DLC. You also receive a Remembrance of the Lord of Frenzied Flame, which you can use to get the Greatsword of Damnation or Midra's Flame of Frenzy incantation once you find and beat Midra in Elden Ring's Shadow Of The Erdtree expansion.

Source: Fextralife/YouTube

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree - How To Find & Beat Midra, Lord of Frenzied Flame (Boss Guide) (8)
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Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree - How To Find & Beat Midra, Lord of Frenzied Flame (Boss Guide) (2024)


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