Chaos Elemental/Strategies (2024)

Chaos Elemental/Strategies (1)
This article is a strategy guide for Chaos Elemental.

Information on mechanics, setups, and tactics is on this page.

Chaos Elemental/Strategies (2)
This is a dangerous activity that takes place in the Wilderness or another PvP area.

If you die, you will lose your items and will not be able to reclaim them from Death or your gravestoneif you have opted into PvP.


  • 1 Recommended levels and equipment
    • 1.1 Equipment
  • 2 Strategy
    • 2.1 Attacks

Recommended levels and equipment[edit | edit source]


Chaos Elemental/Strategies (3)

Free-to-play boss

This boss can be fought in free-to-play. Please see below for free-to-play specific recommendations.

Level recommendations

Chaos Elemental/Strategies (4)

70+ combat

It is recommended to have at least level 70+ in your chosen combat style (Attack & Strength, Ranged, Magic, or Necromancy).

Chaos Elemental/Strategies (5)

70+ Defence

It is recommended to have at least level 70+ Defence.


Chaos Elemental/Strategies (6)

Magic protection

If you deal low damage use Protect from Magic or Deflect Magic.

Chaos Elemental/Strategies (7)

Soul Split

If you deal high damage, you can use Soul Split during the fight instead of protection prayers.

Equipment recommendations

Chaos Elemental/Strategies (8)

Weak to bolts

It is recommended to use bolts.

Optional boosts

Chaos Elemental/Strategies (9)

Damage-boosting familiar

Use a damage-boosting familiar to increase your damage: Ripper Demon, Kal'gerion demon, blood reaver, or steel titan.

Chaos Elemental/Strategies (10)

Slayer helmet immune

This boss does not count as any slayer task, so the slayer helmet damage boost has no effect.

Chaos Elemental/Strategies (11)


This boss is poisonable, and cinderbane gloves and weapon poisons deal additional damage.

Chaos Elemental/Strategies (12)

Hexhunter susceptibility

The hexhunter bow deals +12.5% ability damage and has a flat +10% hit chance when used against this boss.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • For free-to-play players: use blue or green dragonhide armour and dual wield or 2h rune or adamant crossbows.
  • For members: royal or black dragonhide armour is cost effective; along with a black salamander as a weapon, and harralander tar as ammunition.
  • Inventory: You should aim to keep your inventory full or with only one slot open for the duration of the fight. To achieve this, you should bring foods that leave behind a container when they are consumed, such as summer pies, or stews and bottle of wine in free-to-play. Make sure that you have the options to destroy empty containers turned off in Gameplay > Interfaces > Inventory. Multi-bite foods without containers (such as anchovy pizzas) can be used sparingly, but the last bite will be inaccessible unless a drop from the Elemental can take its place.
  • Beast of burden: Players who have the required Summoning level may find it helpful to use a beast of burden to carry additional supplies to prolong their trips as the Chaos Elemental is located far from the nearest bank.
  • Banking: The Deserted Keep teleport lever, the NPC Edward in the Demonic Ruins, or William, who sometimes travels above the fence in members, are the closest options for resupplying.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Players should exercise caution during the fight as it takes place in a multi-way combat zone of the Wilderness. This means that you can be attacked by nearby monsters such as abyssal savages and wolves.

On members worlds, it is recommended to approach the boss from the east as the western area is now occupied by a large swarm of abyssal savages, which can easily pile and kill unprepared players. Also beware of the lone ripper demon in the area.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

The Chaos Elemental has three distinct attacks which have different appearances and which are accompanied by different sound effects. Focus on reacting to the visuals of each attack at a distance and their sounds at close range to maximize the amount of time you have to react.


Can deal either magic, ranged or melee damage. The type of damage dealt is random and can be up to 1104. It is recommended to use Protect from Magic or Deflect Magic during the fight unless you are able to use Soul Split as the discord special attack hits most accurately with magic.


Teleports the player to a random area nearby. The confusion special attack can be disorientating to beginners but you simply need to find the Chaos Elemental again and resume the fight. The boss's attacks have a very long range so it will likely still be attacking you from out of sight. Alternatively, you can right-click the Chaos Elemental as it begins this attack and then select the attack option once you have been teleported to resume the fight.


Unequips the player's mainhand weapon and up to 3 other equipped items to their inventory. The Chaos Elemental will not use the madness attack if the player's inventory is full. More experienced players may wish to do this so that the fight is not slowed down by having to re-equip their weapons. Lower level players may want to leave one space of their inventory open to allow the attack to unequip only their main-hand weapon. This may be useful to reduce the frequency of the boss using its other attacks, which deal damage to the player.

Another strategy is to bring an archaeological soil box and fill it with at least 27 of any soil type. The player should then empty the box into inventory before engaging the Chaos Elemental. After it is defeated, the box can be filled again to allow drops to be picked up.

The Chaos Elemental can be killed by a group of players. If fighting in a team, players should stand opposite one another with the Elemental so that it has to turn to face its target, which slows down its attacks. For players opted into PvP, team capes can be used to prevent team mates accidentally attacking each other. LootShare or CoinShare can be used.

Maintain your protection prayers and healing until the Chaos Elemental's drops appear, as its Discord attacks can continue hitting you during its death animation.

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